A kitchen sink filled with water because of the drain is clogged.

Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

Many people don’t realize how easy it is to damage a garbage disposal. Garbage disposals may seem like they can handle whatever you throw at them, but if you put the wrong thing in a disposal, it could result in you paying for repairs or replacing your garbage disposal altogether.

What You Shouldn’t Put in Your Garbage Disposal

Many of the things that you shouldn’t put in your garbage disposal are things that you shouldn’t put down your drains in general. The following are a few common items that you should never put in your garbage disposal:

  • Grease – Grease, fat, and oil may be liquid when you put them in your garbage disposal, but that can quickly change once they’re inside your disposal. They can congeal and become more solid than liquid. Congealed grease, oil, and fat in your plumbing can clog your drains and result in expensive repairs.
  • Coffee Grounds – Coffee grounds may seem like they won’t hurt your garbage disposal, but that’s not true. Once they’re in your disposal and plumbing, they can clump together and form a paste that can grind your disposal to a halt and/or cause a clog.
  • Onion Layers – The outer layer of onions can avoid getting ground up by your disposal and make its way to your pipes. The membrane on those onion layers can gather in your drains and catch other items, which can clog your pipes.
  • Potato Peels – Potato peels can also slip past your disposal and clog up your drains. However, even if peels are ground up by your disposal, the pieces that are left can form a paste. If that paste gets in your pipes, it can cause a clog.
  • Egg Shells – Many believe that egg shells are good for garbage disposals. They think that putting egg shells in the disposal will sharpen the blades. However, garbage disposals don’t have blades, they have impellers, which are blunt and grind food down instead of chopping it up. In addition to not sharpening a disposal’s non-existent blades, egg shells, like onion layers and potato peels, can gather in the disposal or pipes and wreak havoc with your plumbing.

A good rule of thumb is if you aren’t sure something is safe to put in your garbage disposal, you should check. That could involve an internet search or simply asking someone you trust. Either way, better safe than sorry.

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