3 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Winter

November 25, 2022

For many of us, this year has flown by, and so it may be hard to believe that winter is almost here. However, believe it or not, winter is only a few weeks away, and some days it already feels like it’s here. For those reasons and many more, we need to begin getting our homes prepared for the cold weather season. If we don’t do it now, we may regret failing to get it done a couple of weeks or months down the line when we’re forced to pay big bucks for a plumbing or HVAC problem that could have been prevented.

3 Ways to Make Sure Your Home Is Ready for Winter

There are several areas of your home that you must inspect, maintain, and repair prior to winter. The main areas of your home that you must get ready for cold weather are your plumbing and HVAC systems. The following are three tips for preparing your home for winter:

  1. Check your home’s seals – Many times heat will escape your home and cold air will enter your home because your doors and windows aren’t properly sealed. Make sure that the seals around your windows and doors are tight. If any of the seals are in bad shape, replace them or have them replaced. In addition, re-caulk any windows or doors that need it. This will help protect them from heat loss and water damage.
  2. Clean your gutters – It’s very important to clean your home’s gutters prior to winter. This is because if your area gets snow and ice during the winter, the extra weight of the snow and ice combined with what’s already in your gutters could result in your gutters falling off your home. In addition, if your gutters aren’t cleaned, then they won’t drain properly, which can lead to your home suffering water damage.
  3. Have your HVAC and plumbing inspected – Both your plumbing system and HVAC should be inspected and tuned up by a home services professional prior to winter. A licensed plumber or experienced HVAC technician will be able to recognize any issues that your home’s plumbing or HVAC are experiencing before they get worse. They can repair these types of issues so that they don’t cause you to experience a plumbing problem or heating system emergency at a time when you need those systems to be at the top of their games.

In addition to the tips above, it’s also a good idea to test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, reverse your ceiling fans, and shut down your sprinklers before winter arrives. You should also make sure your winter weather equipment, such as your snow blower and snow shovels, are ready for the cold weather, and you should ensure you have enough of your winter supplies, like winter salt for your driveway and walkways.

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As we enter December, making sure your home is ready for cold weather should be one of your top priorities. It will save you money and help you prevent plumbing and HVAC problems from plaguing your home all winter long.

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