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If you have lived in Boston for at least a year, then you know that the city is no stranger to cold weather. During the winter months, freezing temperatures are not uncommon, and you might wake up to ice on your windows depending on where you live in the city. To keep your family warm and comfortable inside your home, regardless of what is happening outside, call on Winters® Home Services for unbeatable heating service in Boston and beyond.

We are a team of heating service professionals that strives to always secure 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you call on us for a quick heater repair or the replacement of your entire heating system, we deliver great workmanship at affordable prices.

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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Furnaces, Boilers & Heat Pumps

  • Furnaces: Furnaces continue to be among the most well-known and popular heating systems in America due to their effectiveness and energy efficiency. The AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating of a traditional furnace averaged 78-84%, though the AFUE rating of modern furnaces can be much higher. Furnaces also work extremely quickly when it comes to heating up your home, and are generally fairly priced, due to their prevalence on the market. There are some safety risks with gas and oil furnaces, just as there are with any combustion-based system. Electric furnaces are slightly safer, though they will also increase your energy bill. On the other hand, you may be able to recoup some of those energy losses with an electric system, given that the average gas furnace lasts 16-20 years, while an electricity-powered furnace can have a lifespan of 20-30 years with proper repairs and maintenance. Bottom line: as long as you have a home with compatible ductwork, furnaces are usually a solid heating choice.
  • Boilers: Boilers are similar to furnaces in that they are combustion-based systems that use gas, oil, or electricity to heat your home. The major difference is that unlike furnaces, which transfer heat through air, boilers provide heat by warming water in a tank, and using the steam in that water to then provide heat through your ducts and your pipes. As a result, one of the added bonuses of boilers is that they can replace your water heater. Boilers are also quite energy efficient, and while the average boiler is required to have an AFUE rating of 80% or higher, modern boilers often have an AFUE rating of 90% or more. Boilers are excellent at providing comprehensive heat to your whole home, and can be easily customized for zone control, plus they can last up to 20 years or more with regular maintenance. Boilers share some of the downsides of furnaces in relation to fuel and they also tend to take up a lot of space (though modern boilers are generally more compact.) In addition, these systems tend to be more prone to leaks as, may take longer to install, and do not heat your home as quickly as furnaces do. They can also have trouble heating larger homes and are not as versatile with existing HVAC systems and ductwork as furnaces are. That said, depending on your needs, these systems are still an excellent heating option.
  • Heat Pumps: Like furnaces and boilers, heat pumps use a heat transfer process to warm up your home. The big difference with heat pumps are that there is no central unit. Instead, there is usually one indoor unit and one outdoor unit, which work together to extract heat from the air outside and use it to heat the inside of your home. The biggest advantages of heat pumps is that they do not require ductwork, and are therefore customizable for many types of homes, and they come with air conditioning in addition to heating capability. What’s more, these systems are top-of-the-line when it comes to energy efficiency, regularly coming with AFUE ratings of 100%! The big disadvantage of heat pumps is that they may not work as well for homeowners that live in parts of the country where temperatures reach extreme highs or lows. However, modern heat pumps are more powerful than ever, and due to their versatility for bigger and smaller houses with and without ductwork, they are an extremely cost-efficient choice for any homeowner looking to install a new heating system.

Satisfaction-Guaranteed Heating Services in Boston & Beyond

Jumping between HVAC companies to get your home’s heating system maintained or repaired is a pain. Thankfully, with our Boston heating service pros on the job, you don’t have to. We have a highly trained team that uses top-tier HVAC equipment and tools. We’re always ready to lend a hand, no matter what the job demand!

Let us know if you need any of these heating services or more:

  • Furnace repair: Furnaces are one of the most common types of heating systems in Boston homes. They
    use warmed air and a blower motor to distribute it through ventilation ducts. If
    the blower motor, ignition source, or another component breaks, our heating repair
    pros will be there in a pinch.
  • Furnace maintenance: A good way to avoid major furnace repairs is through regular
    furnace maintenance services. During maintenance, we can identify potential issues
    and patch them up before they get worse – and more expensive to correct. We recommend
    maintenance at least once a year and before the winter season.
  • Furnace installation: An inefficient or old furnace might be best discarded than repaired. You can count
    on us to give an honest evaluation of your furnace’s condition. We will let you know
    if it would be more cost-effective to replace it with a newly installed unit.
  • Heat pump service: Heat pumps are less common in Boston since they tend to work in warmer climates.
    However, if your home is equipped with a heat pump, then we can service it all the same.
  • Boiler repair: Boilers use heated water and steam that flows through radiators to warm a home.
    Repairing boilers is a task best left to highly trained professionals, like our heating
    repair experts at Winters® Home Services.
  • Heating inspection: Not sure if your heater is working as best as it could? You can schedule a heating
    inspection from our heating experts. We often recommend accompanying an inspection with
    maintenance services, too.

Prioritize your family’s comfort by letting us handle each heating service you need. Call 617-221-5899 to connect with Winters® Home Services in Boston today.

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