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Sump Pump Services in Boston

Protecting Your Home from Flooding & More

If you find yourself in need of repairs or replacements on your existing sump pump or are considering installing a new system, our dedicated team of Boston sump pump experts has the experience necessary to assist you. If you have ever come home to find a flooded home following heavy rains, sump pumps may be just the thing you need to help protect your property and your belongings.

What is a Sump Pump?

Most commonly used in areas that experience a great deal of rain, a sump pump is used to eject water that has accumulated in what is called the sump basin. The sump basin is generally found in the basement of a home, or perhaps a crawl space, and is intended to collect any groundwater that surrounds the home.

When the water level reaches a predetermined capacity, the sump pump activates, pumping the excess water to a storm drain or other means of evacuation. These systems protect the home by ejecting water from beneath it during storms, preventing overflows that can mean flooding and other damage.

Keeping Your Boston or Cambridge Home Safe & Dry

Having a sump pump fail often results in extensive water damage as well as stress for the homeowners.

When we help you with your sump pump, we handle things such as:

  • Submersible sump pumps
  • Basement sump pumps
  • Sewage ejector pumps
  • Backup and battery operated sump pumps
  • Battery backup sump and ejector pumps

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At Winters Home Services, our plumbers have been serving the Boston Metro area since 1995. Our award-winning company proudly provides same-day service from some of the most highly trained technicians and staff in the area. Excellence is our highest priority, and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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