5 Furnace Noises to Watch Out For

February 12, 2021

Here at Winters® Home Services, we take winter seriously (it’s in our name after all!) That’s why we want to make sure that your furnace continues operating at peak efficiency throughout this season. If you’re using your system a lot lately, as many people across the country are right now, you’re probably familiar with the sounds that it makes when it’s running. But what about the sounds you’re not used to ? Keep reading to learn the five furnaces noises to watch out for, courtesy of our experienced HVAC technicians. And remember that when it comes to all the essential furnace services you need, you can always count on our experts here at Winters® Home Services.

Top 5 Furnace Sounds That Indicate You Might Have a Problem

  1. Banging: Banging/booming is actually one of the more common sounds that furnaces make. This noise sometimes occurs when your system starts up, indicating that the burners are dirty, and the dust in your system is reacting with the heating element to create what sounds like a mini-explosion. If this is the cause of that alarming noise, you can usually just take care of it by replacing the filter and/or scheduling furnace maintenance and cleaning service. It is also possible that sound is being caused by your ductwork expanding and contracting as the system’s blower fires up. Make sure your vents are fully open if this is happening. In a worst-case scenario, a banging sound coming from your furnace can indicate a delay in the system’s ignition. This is a fairly serious issue, so if you keep hearing this sound and/or smell gas around your property, get your family out of the house and call our experts for an inspection right away.
  2. Screeching: A high-pitched screeching sign coming from your furnace is usually a sign of a mechanical issue. Oftentimes, furnace screeching is caused by a malfunction in the belt or fan motor. The good news is that these issues can usually be taken care of fairly easily, as long as you hire an experienced HVAC technician for assistance.
  3. Rattling: Rattling is another common sign of a mechanical issue, and may mean there is something wrong with your belt or motor, or that there is another loose part, knocking around in your unit. Again, these issues can usually be taken care of quickly and efficiently, but it is critical that you call an experienced tech who is equipped with the necessary components to get your system up and running again. Failure to address a mechanical issue in time can have serious consequences for your system, as a worn out fan or motor may force you to replace your furnace entirely.
  4. Chirping: if your furnace is chirping or chattering, it’s probably because you haven’t used it in a long time, and it is experiencing some start-up issues after months of lying dormant. This chattering sound should go away eventually, however, you should always call a technician if these noises persist. Sometimes, persistent chirping can indicate that your fan belt is failing, and other times it just means it needs to be cleaned, so don’t hesitate to contact our seasoned technicians at Winters® Home Services.
  5. Clicking: That clicking sound coming from your furnace usually means there is a problem with the ignition. It could be a malfunctioning sensor or thermocouple, a broken or clogged valve, or a connection issue between the ignition and gas. Regardless, the end result is that your furnace will have trouble igniting. In this sense, that clicking sound you are hearing is not altogether different than what you hear when you turn on a gas stove. Ignition problems can lead to gas leaks, so call our technicians ASAP if this noise persists. If you have an electric-powered furnace rather than a gas or oil-based unit, the situation may not be as hazardous, though you should still call a professional to see if you need a repair.

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