The Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Repair

May 28, 2021

In the past, sewer repairs used to be a huge production—but not today! Thanks to advances in modern technology, professional technicians are now able to use cured-in-place piping, fed through at either end of your line, to repair and replace broken sewage lines without any of the traditional mess or hassle. This process, known as trenchless sewer repair, is something our expert sewer and drain plumbers at Winters® Home Services proudly offer to homeowners across the area. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of trenchless sewer repair, and remember that you can count on our experts at Winters® Home Services for all of your essential plumbing services.

Top 5 Reasons Trenchless Sewer Repair Is Better than Excavation

  1. It Saves Time: In the past, repairing or replacing a sewer line was an extremely extensive process that involved digging a huge trench on your property, just to access even a single section of the line. Now, with trenchless repairs, we can just insert a flexible tube into your line, rather than going through the excavation process. Plus the cured-in-place resin we insert hardens quickly, so your sewer line becomes functional again sooner rather than later.
  2. It Saves Money: Money is the biggest concern when it comes to most plumbing jobs, especially with something like a traditional sewer line excavation, where the manhours it takes to access and repair/replace the line can add up. But because trenchless repairs/replacements are so much faster, the price is significantly reduced. Plus you won’t have to worry about costs related to property damage, speaking of which…
  3. It Prevents Damage: No one wants a big hole in their driveway or yard, yet this is exactly what you get with traditional sewer replacement. The excavation process leaves a huge pile of dirt that will need to be taken care of even after the repair has been complete, plus you can run into a major problem if you accidentally hit another pipe during the process. But because trenchless services are so efficient, you’ll never have to worry about your yard becoming a mess or your plumbing equipment and other parts of your property getting damaged.
  4. It’s Extremely Comprehensive: Trenchless sewer services allow us to access all the parts of your line that are broken or damaged. While traditional sewer repair involves digging that, as we mentioned above, is not always precise, trenchless service can cover a lot of ground, and with an inspection beforehand, we usually do a pretty good job of covering all damaged areas.
  5. It Provides Long-Lasting Results: While excavation may still be necessary in some cases, digging long trenches to access homeowner sewer lines is quickly becoming a thing of the past, as the materials used in trenchless service are tough and built to last. Call Winters® Home Services today for a $29 estimate, and find out if trenchless sewer repair is right for you.

The last thing you want on your property is a damaging and potentially dangerous sewage leak, so do not hesitate to contact Winters® Home Services day or night! Our plumbers are available for emergency service at 617-221-5899, or you can request your $29 estimate online.