Signs You Need a New Garbage Disposal

May 17, 2022

Garbage disposals are one of those things we don’t think about much until they start to give us trouble. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if our garbage disposal is experiencing minor issues or if it needs to be replaced.

How to Determine You Need a New Garbage Disposal

In some cases, you may only need to have your garbage disposal repaired as opposed to replaced. However, it can often be difficult to tell whether your garbage disposal just needs to be fixed or if you need a new disposal. Fortunately, there are ways you can determine if your garbage disposal needs to be replaced.

Here are a few signs that can help you determine if you need a new garbage disposal:

  • Performing Poorly – In most cases, as long as you aren’t putting things in your garbage disposal that you shouldn’t, your disposal should make quick work of whatever you put in it. If it’s not, there may be a problem with your garbage disposal’s blades. In some cases, the blades may just need to be sharpened. However, depending on what kind of shape the blades are in, they may need to be replaced, or the entire garbage disposal unit may need to be replaced.
  • Repeatedly Clogs – You should rarely ever experience clogging issues with your garbage disposal. If you do, it could be a sign that your garbage disposal is malfunctioning and needs to be repaired or replaced. It could also mean that you need to replace your current garbage disposal with a more powerful one.
  • Power Issues – If you encounter an issue where your garbage disposal often cuts off before it has completed its job, or you have problems getting your disposal to turn on, it could be a sign that your garbage disposal’s motor is failing. However, before you seriously consider that possibility, make sure there’s not an issue with your home’s electrical system that is causing the problem. If your home’s electrical system is fine, your disposal’s engine may need to be repaired or your entire garbage disposal may need to be replaced.
  • Water Leaks – Water leaks can destroy your garbage disposal from the inside. If you notice a leak under your kitchen sink, have it checked out immediately. Unfortunately, if a garbage disposal leak has reached the point where it’s noticeable, it may be too late to save the device with a repair and the disposal may have to be replaced.

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