Five Applications Perfect for a Ductless AC System

August 12, 2021

Central air conditioning was a revolutionary innovation that completely changed our lives. In fact, we could hardly imagine living without it now. However, despite the fact that we’ve come to demand better cooling in more places, central cooling isn’t always the right choice for the job. In fact, adding on to your central air conditioning system in order to cool an area that isn’t already climate controlled can be expensive, difficult, and might even tax your air conditioning system beyond its limits.

This is where a ductless AC system can thrive. Ductless cooling provides cooling power in a small but energy-efficient and affordable package, and that makes it great for some of these applications that central cooling simply can’t handle well. Here are five of these applications that could be perfect for a ductless cooling system.

Garage Cooling

The last several years have seen an interesting trend in the auto industry: people are keeping their cars longer, and more people are choosing to work on them in their own garage as opposed to taking them to dealers or repair shops. As such, garages are seeing more and more use as a practical workspace. Even if you don’t know a thing about the car you drive, you may still wish to use your garage for some other purpose that might see you spending a significant amount of time in it, and this is why you might want to consider installing a cooling system.

While adding your garage to your central HVAC system might prove to be expensive and difficult, a ductless cooling system offers you the flexibility and affordability you’re looking for. Not only can you cool your garage separate from your home, meaning you can turn the system off when you aren’t using it without affecting the rest of your house, but a properly-sized ductless system can provide the perfect amount of cooling power to make those long hours on a project much more comfortable.

Workshop Cooling

Much like garages, many people choose to augment detached workshops with a ductless cooling system. Unlike an attached garage, separate workshops have no way of practically connecting to a central cooling system, so they need a new cooling option to begin with. A ductless system can provide affordable cooling to detached structures at a fraction of the price of a full-scale air conditioner. Coming in a variety of sizes, you’re almost certain to find the perfect option for your home, and you’ll enjoy other benefits like added flexibility, independent temperature control, and more.

Guesthouse Cooling

Do you have a guesthouse on your property? Much like detached workshops, guesthouses are almost impossible and certainly impractical to connect to your central cooling system. Therefore, they need their own cooling system. A ductless system can provide this cooling power as well. However, ductless mini-split systems are the perfect choice for this application. Many guesthouses are not single-room, and in fact, some might contain multiple areas or spaces. Some might have a small kitchenette to go with a bedroom and a bathroom. Some might have a finished attic space up above or their own basement. With a ductless mini-split system, you can typically connect multiple indoor units to one, single outdoor unit for a comprehensive cooling system that’s more energy-efficient and affordable than a full-size central air conditioning system.

Basement Cooling

Looking to air condition your basement? While basements typically don’t have to worry as much about summer heat as above-ground rooms, they can still get unseasonably warm during summer months. And yet again, a ductless cooling system might be the answer to this problem. Mini-split systems give you the ability to place a compressor unit above ground in an area where it can easily eliminate the heat collected from your basement while an indoor unit provides cool air for whatever application you need. Whether you’re creating a man-cave, game room, workshop, or even a new bedroom or office, mini-split cooling offers whisper-quiet operation and an easy-to-install package.

Addition Cooling

If your home just doesn’t seem to have the space you need, you might be one of the thousands of homeowners across the country who builds an addition on your property. While this can add to the square footage in your home, a new addition comes with an added challenge when it comes to heating and cooling. New square footage means more space to heat or cool, and an air conditioner or heater that doesn’t have the capacity to adequately heat or cool this space will suffer under the added strain. Plus, you’ll have to go through the huge project of adding ductwork to the new space and that can turn into a major headache rather quickly.

Ductless cooling systems are the answer. By not requiring any new ductwork, these systems add cooling power without the added strain on your current HVAC system. Plus their variety of sizes means they can easily be added to new additions of almost any square footage.

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