The Most Common Signs of Root Intrusion

By Winters Home Services

Most homeowners love having trees in their yard, as they add to the beauty of their landscaping and larger home. However, did you know that in some cases, poorly placed trees can be a hazard for your plumbing system? This all goes back to an issue called root intrusion. Tree and shrub roots in your yard will naturally be attracted to the moisture in your sewer lines, as it acts as a kind of natural fertilizer. But in some cases, tree roots can actually start to grow around or even into your lines, wreaking havoc for your plumbing system and larger property. Remember, a sewage leak is one of the most dangerous problems your property can experience, as the wastewater in your sewer lines is extremely toxic. Keep reading to learn the most common signs of root intrusion, and do not hesitate to call our drain and sewer repair experts at Winters® Home Services if you suspect you have a problem.

The Top 5 Ways to Tell If Tree Roots Have Entered Your Sewer Lines

  1. Bad Smells: There are multiple reasons you may be smelling that rotten egg, sulfuric sewage smell drifting up from your drains. However, if you start to detect this odor around your property, it could be because tree roots have infiltrated your lines, and causing a sewage leak.
  2. Clogs: Again, there are many different reasons you homeowners experience drain clogs. However, multiple clogs around your house may indicate that there is a problem with your sewer lines, causing wastewater to obstruct your drains. When this happens, you might also find yourself dealing with…
  3. Back-Ups: While not all back-ups are sewage-related, the most severe ones are often tied to cracked, broken, or worn-down lines. If you find that sewage is backing up in your drains, make sure to call an experienced plumber right away, as wastewater damage is not only extremely costly, but also a major hazard for the health of your entire household.
  4. Pests: Rodents and insects are naturally attracted to dark areas that are pervaded with wastes. That’s why if you notice an increase or rats, mice, or bugs in or outside of your house, it is possible these vermin are flocking to your property because tree roots have infiltrated your sewer system, causing wastewater to seep into your yard. And speaking of wastewater in your yard…
  5. Moist Patches of Grass in the Yard: If root intrusion becomes severe enough, and sewer water starts to leak out of your lines, you may begin to notice particularly moist, green patches around your yard. Again, wastewater acts as a kind of natural fertilizer, so you can look at these green patches of pooling water as a kind of roadmap to where root intrusion has occurred.

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