Holiday Heating Tips

December 14, 2020

Christmas is around the corner, and we wish you a warm and cozy one! That’s why we here at Winters® Home Services are providing you all with an early gift—tips for optimal heating! Don’t wait until Christmas day to open this one.

By taking the following steps, your holiday festivities won’t be interrupted by a chilly home that is not heating properly. Not to mention, the dollars you will save from implementing these tips will save you enough money to add a present under the tree for each family member!

Here’s what you need to do to establish efficient and effective heating:

Restore Your Insulation

When it comes to heating your home, your climate control system will only be as effective as your insulation. If your home insulation is poor, you will have low heat retention in your space, and your HVAC system will have to work longer hours to try and reach your input temperature. If you are noticing that your home has uneven heating or drafts throughout, you likely have air leaks that need to be addressed.

Check your windows and doors first. If you notice any cracks in the molding or caulking around either, replace it to reseal your home. However, if these entry points do not bring forth any signs of air leaks, your in-wall insulation may be at fault. Have a professional assess and repair any breach in your home insulation.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

Subject to fiddling with your thermostat? It’s time to switch to a programmable one instead. With a smart thermostat, you will be able to set your temperatures to match your daily routines. That way you will not be interrupting your heating cycles or leaving your heat on while you are away, further reducing your energy use and utility costs all in one.

Lower Your Indoor Temperature

Keep your indoor temperature set to 68 degrees Fahrenheit to optimize your energy use and lower your heating costs! Setting your thermostat to this temperature will save you almost 10% on your energy bill while keeping you comfy all season long!

For your heating services and smart thermostat installation, contact Winters Home Services at 617-221-5899! Happy holidays to all!