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22 Things You Need to Stop Putting Down Your Drains

I think we can all agree that clogged drains are one of the most irritating plumbing problems. The problem is, they are also one of the most common. Clogged drains and pipes are caused by a number of things, including tree roots, shifts in soil, corrosion, food waste, debris, and inanimate objects. Luckily, the most common sources of clogs can easily be addressed.

While you can’t exactly tell tree roots where to grow, you can be careful about what you put down your drains. Limiting the items you place in the garbage disposal, pour down the sink, and flush down the toilet can significantly reduce the risk of clogged drains and pipes in your home.

Below are some of the most common sources of clogged drains:

  1. Grease
  2. Fat
  3. Flushable wipes
  4. Oil
  5. Feminine hygiene products
  6. Fibrous veggies (i.e., asparagus and celery)
  7. Fruit pits
  8. Diapers
  9. Q-tips
  10. Paper towels
  11. Bones
  12. Eggshells
  13. Make-up wipes
  14. Cotton balls
  15. Coffee grounds
  16. Butter
  17. Pasta
  18. Rice
  19. Cat litter
  20. Paint
  21. Flour
  22. Fruit rinds

What Can Go Down Your Drains

Right now, you’re probably wondering what you can put down your drains. To make things simple, we recommend changing the way you think about your plumbing drains and pipes. These pipes are designed to transport wastewater away from your home, but they are not trash bins.

Below are our tips for your drains:

  • Kitchen sinks: Only put liquids and soft foods that can easily be broken down in water down your kitchen sink.
  • Bathroom sinks: It is best to mainly put liquids (such as soap and water) down your bathroom sink. Of course, things like toothpaste and facewash can go down these drains as well.
  • Toilets: When it comes to toilets, it is best to follow the Three P Rule: only flush pee, poop, and (toilet) paper.

Anything that doesn’t go down your drains should be tossed into the garbage bin instead. This way, you can prevent major clogs and keep your pipes flowing freely.

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