Dear People Who Wear Contacts

By Winters Home Services

Listen, I get it. At the end of the day, you’re exhausted. You’re already standing above your sink brushing your teeth, and you just want them out of your eyes. So, you pop those bad boys right out and rinse them down your sink. For those of you that wear contacts, dates someone who does, or is married to someone who does—this mindless contact lense toss down the drain is likely commonplace. However, it needs to stop ASAP.

Throwing contact lenses down your drain is not only harming your plumbing—it is negatively affecting the environment.

Contact Lenses & Your Drains

When you put incompatible items down your drains, clogs are inevitable. Contact lenses won’t harden in your pipes, as they are constantly being moistened by the water coming down your drain, meaning they will grab onto subsequent items coming down your sink. When excess build-up occurs within your pipes, you will encounter slow drainage and pooling water. When this occurs, you must contact a professional plumber to remove your clog.

Remember, practicing regular drain cleaning will help your plumbing system flow freely. Even if you stop throwing your contact lenses down your sink—your drains will still need professional cleaning. Contact my buddies at Winters® Home Services to keep your drains in tip-top shape.

Contact Lenses & The Environment

Your contact lenses are not biodegradable. That means, when they make their way through your pipes to the wastewater treatment facility, they cannot be broken down properly and contribute to microplastic pollution. Microplastic pollution endangers aquatic life and can end up in local food chains. These fragments carry chemical substances from the water treatment plants that additionally make their way into the ecosystem.

Be an eco-friend and throw your contact lenses into your bathroom trash. Until lenses are made degradable or contact lens companies come up with a recycling program—and we hope they do—change your nighttime routine. It will protect your plumbing and lessen the environmental burden.

For drain cleaning and service, contact Winters® Home Services at (617) 977-3101. We are currently offering $35 off any plumbing service! There’s no better time to whip your drains into shape.

Sincerely, CJ the Plumber