Dear People Without Air Ducts

By Winters Home Services

You don’t need them! No air ducts? No problem! You can still install effective heating in your home. With heat pump installation, ductless heating will warm up your space this winter without the hassle of going through the demolition required to install air ducts in your home.

You may be thinking—there’s no way a ductless heating system can deliver the same quality or quantity of warmed air that a traditional heating network does; however, heat pumps can actually provide more customization capabilities and heating opportunities than traditional systems.

What Is A Heat Pump?

A ductless heat pump, or mini-split system, draws heat from the air outside and moves it throughout your home. How does the system do this? By compressing and expanding refrigerant!

Heat Pump Benefits

  1. It is not fuel burning! This means your indoor air quality will remain intact.

  2. You’ll have even heating throughout your home!

  3. It will cost you less money to operate than electric furnaces.

  4. You get more bang for your buck, as heat pumps can be used to cool your home too! Just as heat pumps can carry warm air into your home, it can suck hot air out as well. This means your cost per hour to use your system just went way down, as they are used throughout the year rather than only during the wintertime.

  5. You can customize the temperature in each room of your home. With individual zoning capabilities, heat pumps can heat or cool specific spaces instead of only maintaining one temperature throughout your whole home.

  6. They are super quiet! Traditional heating systems tend to rumble and pop; however, heat pumps run with a soft hum.

  7. You don’t have to renovate or go through demolition to install them! Heat pumps don’t require ductwork, so you won’t have to undergo extensive construction.

Now that you know the advantages and capabilities of heat pumps, it’s time to call my colleagues at Winters Home Services to install your new system! Just dial (617) 977-3101!

That’s all for my blog on heat pumps! ‘Til next time, folks!

Sincerely, CJ the Plumber