3 Ways to Tell Your Ductless AC System Needs a Repair

By Winters Home Services

Ductless systems have a lot of advantages, and are generally a great way to fulfill your home’s heating and cooling needs. However, while you can replace a ductless air handler, this isn’t necessarily a cheap purchase. And if your outdoor compressor unit fails, you’ll probably have to install a new system entirely. Because of the unique nature of ductless HVAC units, it is extremely important to pay attention to their performance—lest you end up being forced into spending a lot of money on an unnecessary system replacement. Keep reading to learn the top three ways to tell your ductless AC system needs a repair, courtesy of our skilled heating and cooling professionals at Winters Home Services.

The Top 3 Ways to Tell Your Ductless AC Unit Needs a Repair

  1. You Are No Longer Getting the Cool Air You Need: If your ductless AC system has stopped providing you with cool air completely, you’ve got a big problem on your hands. In cases where every indoor air handler unit is malfunctioning, chances are the issue is actually with your outdoor unit. The trouble could be related to everything from an electrical malfunction to a refrigerant leak, but regardless of the source of the issue, you should always call a technician if all your air handlers stop working. If, however, only a single unit has stopped generating cool air, chances are there is an internal problem. Check this unit’s filter to see if it is clogged or dirty—if so, it may be restricting airflow and preventing your system’s refrigerant from doing its job. And speaking of refrigerant, it is also possible that you are dealing with a leak indoors. Of course, if the air you’re getting isn’t lukewarm, but flat out hot, then your system is probably just in heating mode. Check the thermostat to be sure—it is possible your reversing valve may be stuck, in which case you may also want to contact a professional.
  2. Your Bills Are Steadily Going Up: While it’s pretty much impossible for your utility bills not to go up in the summer months, when your AC unit is essential to keeping your house comfortable, a steady climb in air conditioning costs – especially if you have not changed your habits – can indicate a big problem. If your bills seem too high, compare them to what you were spending on AC costs a year ago, six months ago, or even what you were paying at the beginning of the summer. Again, if you can see a steady or rapid rise, chances are something is not right. Look for signs of poor performance if your bills won’t stop increasing, as rising AC costs are usually related to some kind of system malfunction, and do not hesitate to give Winters Home Services a call to inspect your ductless AC system.
  3. There Are Strange Noises Coming From Your Unit: In the HVAC world, strange noises are pretty much never a good sign. But in the case of your ductless system, they tend to be particularly bad, since ductless units are known for being quiet. If your ductless system continues to operate loudly and you’re only using one or two units at a time, you should turn them off and call for service ASAP. Watch out for unpleasant, unexpected noises, such as grinding and banging—especially ones accompanies by strange smells coming from your indoor or outdoor unit.

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