Maintaining Your Furnace in the Winter

Checking up on your furnace regularly will save you a great deal of money in the long run…and it’ll save you from ending up with a major headache. Replacing the filter is extremely beneficial and is overlooked quite often.Furnaces

Switch your thermostat from cooling to heating. It might seem obvious but sometimes in a panic, people forget. For those of you with the Nest thermostat, there are an abundance of step-by-step instructions online to help troubleshoot the issue.

Insert storm windows and remove window screens so you can prevent heat from leaking through the windows. In fact, Energy.gov has announced that storm windows can significantly reduce air movement which reduces heating and cooling costs.

Clean your fireplace and keep in mind that a clogged chimney increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Oil the furnace blower at least once per year so all the heating system components are in solid condition. The purpose of the furnace blower is to bring heat from the furnace into the home. Make sure that the furnace blower is lubricated to extend the life of the furnace.

Check the HVAC vents to make sure there is enough air flow. Consider how often you move furniture throughout the year or the number of parties and guests you’ve had—furniture is going to get moved around. You want to make sure that absolutely nothing is blocking the air vents. This can also lead to overheated furniture.

Tune up your heating system since it hasn’t been active for several months. By having a yearly tune up, expert technicians can make an accurate assessment and then get to work on repairs.

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