What to Avoid When Drain Cleaning

By Winters Home Services

Water running into a sinkAs we’ve mentioned in past blogs, drain cleaning should be left to the professionals so you don’t risk making the backup worse or using harsh chemicals. However, if you think you can tackle the problem, take a few tips from our professional drain cleaning team.

Avoid using drain augers – Drain augers can be useful for major clogs but this is something that should be left to the professionals. Commonly referred to as a “plumbing snake,” the drain auger can damage your pipes if not used correctly and it should only be used for large pipes.

Over the counter drain cleaners – Chemical drain cleaners may be cheap and convenient but ultimately, they can’t get the job done. They unfortunately can’t remove solid obstructions and can be quite a mess.

Coat hangers – While some of you may be laughing, many homeowners are quick to grab a metal coat hanger and get to work. This is probably the most ineffective method and can fall out of your hands into the sink.

Using a garden hose – A lot of people use water pressure from a garden hose but it can damage the pipe or cause water to erupt out of the drain and hit your face. Not to mention, most garden hoses aren’t powerful enough to perform such a task.

Wrong Plunger – Often times, the wrong plunger is used for clearing drains. The seal should be intact so now air or water in the tube is sucked down the drain when the plunger is pushed down. Avoid using a toilet plunger for the sink, stick to the sink plunger.

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