6 Reasons to Do a Tune Up

By Winters Home Services

Recently, we had a potential customer asks a common question, “Why do HVAC pros always say furnace needs to be tune-up at least once a year? What’s in a tune-up? Why can’t I just do this myself?”

This is a good question because if you are not a HVAC professional, you probably aren’t aware of the many benefits of a tune-up. Therefore, we will break this down with six reasons.

1. Get it ready to go before it’s cold!

Think of this as an annual physical with your doctor, or a teeth cleaning every six months. The weather in winter is harsh and long, a furnace works for about 4,200 hours during the winter months. After its hard work each year and its power being left off for months, it needs to get a “physical” before the long winter months.

2. An Thorough Checklist

Many homeowners aren’t aware that even a basic tune-up involves various check points to inspect the system. Here at Winters, we offer a basic tune-up for only $99, which involves a thorough checklist that our technicians go through with 21 checkpoints. Keep in mind that a tune-up is different than a cleaning on a system.

3. Do-It-Yourselfers: this is not a job for you

We love DIY projects and often educate customers to do a lot of things themselves to save money. However, a heating system tune-up is simply not one of them. Why? A tune-up isn’t just taking a vacuum nozzle into the furnace and sucking the dust out. Heating systems are sophisticated and can get intricate, our trained technicians have the skills and equipment to make sure that any parts degraded over time are still functioning properly.

4. Saving Money, avoid future disasters

On average, the cost of heating a home is about $1000, and a typical no-heat repair costs about $800. A tune-up is a test to best prevent and foresee the no-heat disaster, which is also why it’s so important to have a professional HVAC technician do this instead of yourself. We have the right knowledge and tools to know where and what to look for!

5. A Plan that Triggers Tune-Up

We offer many plans that protect our customers and their systems. All our plan members receive an annual heating system tune-up as one of the many benefits. They are our priority customers. They also receive no dispatch fees for any of the work we perform ($225 value), as well as 15% on all the work done by Winters. Learn more about it by giving us a call at (866) 482-7586.

6. Tune it up with the right person!

Many HVAC contractors offer similar maintenance services. What distinguish the BEST company from the rest are the training and skillsets technicians have. We constantly train and evaluate our technicians’ work to stay ahead. They also follow our Winters Promises to ensure every customer’s satisfaction. Our technicians are trained to educate customers the best way they can, so you can understand your system better. It’s about doing the work with the company and person you trust and can always rely on.