Dear People With a Leaking Sink

October 24, 2019

Does that not annoy you? That constant “drip-drop” must be getting to you. And, as annoying as I imagine it is to listen to, a leaking sink is so much worse for the environment. Leaking faucets can waste up to 6 gallons of water per day. Don’t be an eco-foe—get that sink repaired as soon as possible—be eco-friendly!

Beyond environmental impacts, leaking faucets and pipes, underneath your sink, can cause a myriad of additional issues: an increase in your utility bill, damage to your home, and a threat to you and your family’s health.

Here are the tangible realities of leaving your sink unrepaired.

Affects of Leaks

Environmental Damage

As you all already know, we are in the age of water conservation. We must all be conscious of both our water use and water waste. When you leave a faucet leaking, you are not following a green initiative. Gallons of water waste can result from a single leak. Do your part and repair, repair, repair!

Increased Water Bills

Even though it may not seem as though your faucet is emitting a lot of water—it is. And, when you have one leaking faucet, yes just one, you increase your annual water bill by about 10%. Repairing your leaking sink will save you money in the long run.

Plumbing Distress

Your plumbing is a web of interconnected systems; and, when one system is malfunctioning it places stress on the rest of the system. Pressure can build within your plumbing causing clogs and backup problems. This can lead to larger, more expensive repairs that are 100% avoidable! Contact me at Winters® Home Services for your leak repair.

Poor Water Quality

When you have a leak, it is likely that other aspects of your plumbing are also affected. Backflow can occur as a result of even a minor leak, as the pressure within your pipes becomes imbalanced. As you learned from one of my previous blogs, backflow causes water contamination as waste is traveling the wrong way within your pipes and mixing with your potable water. This can lead to pipe corrosion, which jeopardizes your water further. Do not let a leak become a plumbing fiasco. Contact professional plumbers to resolve your leak today.


When there is excess moisture, mold is given the ideal environment to foster and grow. Compromising your home’s integrity, mold can cause serious respiratory problems when left unresolved. The most common health risks include:

  • Congestion

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Fatigue

  • Flu-like symptoms

  • Respiratory infection

  • Throat, nose, and skin irritation

If you or a family member already has asthma complications, mold can worsen their symptoms. A leaking sink is easy to fix, health issues are not. Get your leaking sink fixed ASAP!

Warping & Staining

When there is one leak, there may be more. If you notice any property damage, such as staining or warping of walls, ceiling, or flooring—contact Winters® Home Services immediately. Damaged structures can lower the value of your home, and the longer the issue persists, the bigger the problem. Water damage is not cheap to restore. Choose to repair your leak as soon as you notice it, your wallet will thank you.



CJ the Plumber


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