You Don’t Want Backflow

September 18, 2019

Backflow happens… but I don’t want it to happen to you. I’m CJ the plumber, back with a new blog on water backflow. Don’t know what backflow is? That’s no problem because I am about to tell you.

Water backflow occurs when the pressure in your pipes shifts, causing water to flow in the opposite direction than it is intended. This raises major issues with respect to sanitation and the integrity of your plumbing. So, I am here to educate you on backflow, broken backflow devices, and the benefits of installing backflow prevention devices. If you are experiencing any of the following at your home, contact a professional plumber today.

Signs You Have a Backflow Problem in Your Home

Discolored Water

Water should be clear. I know this is common knowledge; however, it never hurts to reiterate this when it comes to the health and safety of you and your family. If your water is yellow or brown, you have a backflow situation on your hands. If you notice a shift in the color of your water, do not drink it, or use it for cooking or baking—it is contaminated.

Foul Odors

Backflow will cause a lingering, sulfurous stench. If your home begins to smell, your plumbing is likely compromised.

Uneven Water Levels

Backflow is also responsible for uneven water levels in multiple drains. So, if your toilet water rises when you use your bathroom sink, contact us, here at Winters® Home Services—your water is not flowing as it should!

Why Your Backflow Device Is Failing

Experiencing backflow symptoms, even though you already have backflow prevention devices installed? Here is why your backflow device is failing:

Water Pressure

When the main water supply’s pressure is less powerful than a foreign substance acting against it, the foreign substance can enter your water supply.

Water Quality

Hard water deposits minerals that settle in your piping and cause valve malfunctions, blockages, and piping issues, which can freeze your backflow prevention device open, deeming it ineffective.

Lack of Maintenance

If you have not practiced preventative, habitual maintenance on your backflow device, it can break. Waste naturally build-ups around the device’s valve, and when left unresolved, can cause the prevention device to malfunction.

Backflow Prevention Device Benefits

Eliminate Contaminants

Your water supply will be protected against contaminants by installing a backflow prevention device. When maintained regularly, your device will effectively keep your water clean, healthy, and safe for drinking.

Save Money

The pressure from backflow typically causes cracks in your piping—leading to costly repairs and replacements. With a backflow prevention device, your pipes will be protected from this pressure.

That’s all for today!

Signing off,

CJ the Plumber

Backflow happens. Let us, here at Winters® Home Services, install a water backflow prevention device in your home, so it doesn’t happen to you. Contact us, at 617-221-5899, and we will fix your backflow problem right, right away today.