What are the Benefits of Having a Yearly Air Conditioner Inspection?

March 2, 2017

Now that spring is upon us, homeowners are getting ready to schedule their annual air conditioner maintenance appointments. Similar to your vehicle, you need to have your system checked to ensure it will function properly.AC units lined up along building

Let’s explore some of the benefits of preventative maintenance.

Energy is Used More Efficiently

When you have regular maintenance, the cooling coils will be cleaned as well as the blades and other components. By having the coils cleaned, more cool air can enter the room efficiently. The system will use less energy to produce the cold air which helps to cut down costs.

Equipment Life is Extended

Your AC unit can actually shut down well before its estimated lifecycle because it hasn’t been regularly maintained. We can assure you that your air conditioner will last its full life expectancy when you have regular maintenance work.

Air Quality is Improved

Every season, more dirt and debris gathers in the system. The particles get released into the air and hurts your indoor air quality. Routine maintenance certainly takes care of this dilemma.

Less Major Repairs

Emergency AC repairs can occur at any time when you don’t have regular maintenance. The repairs can also cost a great deal because you’ve let them get worse over time. Our techs will do a thorough inspection of worn or damaged parts and we’ll let you know exactly what needs to be replaced. By replacing the part, you can prevent further damage from occurring down the line.

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