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Maytag HVAC

Maytag air conditioners are factory checked 144 times before being shipped and the company offers quality assurance with each of its air conditioning units. Winters® Home Services understands that your Maytag air conditioner provides indoor air comfort for you and your family, so we dedicate ourselves to provide 24/7 heating and cooling emergency repairs, as well as quality installations and maintenance.

Maytag Air Conditioners

Maytag air conditioners operate efficiently at low sound levels. The most efficient unit offers up to 25.5 SEER efficiency with iQDrive®. This particular technology allows the air conditioner to change its speed in small increments to meet the exact cooling temperature. This gives your home a better mix of air without hot and cold spots.

Depending on which specific system you have, Maytag also offers a 12-year dependability promise and limited parts warranty.

Maytag iQDrive Technology

Maytag iQDrive® not only offers a special technology that modulates from 40% to 118% of capacity for optimal efficiency, but Maytag offers superior dehumidification assistance as well. Since the system operates at a lower level, it gives you an additional home comfort boost.

Some Maytag’s air conditioners also have the ecologic green seal, which distinguishes the products that are not only efficient but advanced as well.

Need help choosing a Maytag air conditioner? Winters® Home Services offers estimates on replacements, so give us a call at (617) 977-3101 or schedule service online, we will help you pick the best Maytag system. If your Maytag air conditioner needs service, we are opened 24/7 to provide you emergency AC repairs.

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