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Amana HVAC

Amana was established back in 1934 and has been making heating and cooling products since 1954. The company is owned by Goodman but Amana produces its own line of HVAC products. If you need a repair, replacement or maintenance on your Amana system, Winters® Home Services is familiar with all Amana products and we have over 20 years of experience.

Amana Central Air Conditioners

Amana’s central air conditioners range from 14 SEER to 24.5 SEER efficiency rating. The higher ranked model has a high-efficiency, variable speed compressor and condenser fan motor. The variable speed compressor allows the unit to reach necessary speeds to maintain a desirable comfort level without running consistently at full speed. In other words, your system will work at a slower speed, giving you a quieter operation and higher energy efficiency.

The Goodman Warranty

Since Amana is part of the Goodman brand, all Amana’s products are backed by Goodman’s warranties and handled by Goodman’s facilities. Amana products are built for reliability, however, even if your HVAC unit is covered by the parts warranty, it doesn’t typically cover labor or shipping. Therefore, it is important to find a reputable and dependable company to repair and maintain your Goodman air conditioner. At Winters® Home Services, we offer comprehensive and extensive maintenance to ensure your Amana HVAC unit’s performance.

Need help deciding whether Amana is suitable for your home and meets your air conditioning needs? Contact Winters® Home Services and let us repair, replace or maintain your Amana HVAC unit. We will ensure you and your home the best indoor air comfort level this summer.

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