Interior Design Methods That Will Lower Your Indoor Temperature

September 15, 2020

When the leaves start to change, you know you’re in for sunny days and brisk nights. Managing this temperature discrepancy between day and night can become complicated! Not to mention, pricey! That’s why CJ is here with cost-saving tips!

Did you know that certain interior design trends can actually facilitate cooling during the daytime? Well, there are some great insider tips that will help you better control your indoor climate during the day, so you can focus on heating your home at night. Rather than overworking both your air conditioner and your heating system, try these insightful interior design trends:

Use Natural Materials

From fabrics to furnishings, natural fibers will inherently keep you feeling cooler and more comfortable at home. Synthetic materials only increase your temperature, as they are insulating rather than breathable. For your bedding, blankets, and throws, try switching to cotton or linen! For your upholstered furniture, avoid leather! These simple changes will prove beneficial in regulating your temperature in your home.

Add Curtains Or Shutters To Your Windows

All sun-facing windows should have a covering to protect not only your furniture from the sun but also to better insulate your home. When the sun shines directly into your space, it will drastically increase the temperature in your room. Place lightly colored shades or curtains on your windows to reflect the sun! Stay away from darker shades, as these will actually counteract your efforts, absorbing heat rather than reflecting it.

Paint Your Walls A Cool Tone

Cooler paint tones, believe it or not, will actually make your space feel cooler! Stick to whites, blues, and greys and you’ll enjoy the comfort this little mind trick accomplishes. These tones also follow suit with current stylistic trends, as open and airy homes are in right now.

Move Your Dining Table To A Transitional Space

Switch up your feng shui and take your dining porch-side. This will allow you to open your doors and take advantage of some indoor/outdoor living. Opening up your space will bring the breeze indoors while you cook, counteracting the heat you create from using your oven and stove. Increasing airflow will allow you to enjoy your space without having to touch your thermostat! Just remember to install screens, so you’re not letting any flying or crawling friends in with the breeze.

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