Dear People Without A Central AC System

May 5, 2020

You have a choice—install a central air conditioning system, or go ductless. CJ here, and I understand how taxing this decision can be. Do you go for the system that requires demolition and construction, or do you pick the less invasive option that requires air conditioning delivery units to be hung on your wall? Do you go for the independent cooling option or the whole-home system? I am here to give you a break down of each system, so you’ll feel confident in your final decision.

Central AC Systems

Since you do not already have ductwork, installing a central air conditioning system would require demolition and construction. From walls to ceilings, you would be back to the bones of your home, until your new ductwork is installed. This is a major feat; however, if you have a keen eye for design and do not want a ductless air conditioning unit mounted in plain sight, this is your best option.

A Central AC System is also optimal for homes over 2,500 square feet. Ductless cooling networks simply do not have the power to effectively cool large spaces such as these.

Ductless AC Systems

Installing a ductless cooling system is non-invasive and cost-effective. It merely requires a 3-inch hole to be drilled into an exterior wall of your home, where a pipe will connect your outdoor condenser unit to your indoor delivery unit. This is a no-mess installation that is great for any home, under 2,500 square feet, impartial to wall-mounted units. These units have become sleek, and will not pose a major disruption to your interior; however, they are visible. If you don’t mind the look of the unit, this is your budget-friendly cooling option.

Additionally, ductless systems are quieter than central air conditioning networks, so if noise levels are a factor in your decision-making process—a ductless system is for you!

Another point to consider is energy-efficiency. Ductless systems have a higher potential for energy savings, as they eliminate air loss from the cooling equation. Central AC networks require ductwork, which can crack. Ductless system installation is your eco-friendly choice.

Lastly, if you are looking to only control the climate in one of your rooms, or a few specific areas of your home, ductless cooling allows you to control each delivery system independently. So, if you are looking for segmented cooling, this is your best bet!

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Til’ Next Time!