Cleaning Myths

July 9, 2020

Hey guys! CJ the Plumber here, and today I am busting home cleaning myths. I know it takes a lot of effort, time, and willpower to keep your home tidy and clean, so I want to make sure you are implementing the best cleaning practices! We don’t want you doing more harm than good.

That’s why we here at Winters® Home Services are busting these cleaning myths, so you know how to best clean your home:

Myth: Bleach Is The Best Bathroom Cleaner

The truth is bleach is disinfecting; however, it does not actually clean your bathroom. Think of a dusty countertop—if you added hand sanitizer to the surface, would it be clean? Bleach would essentially do the same thing. It will eliminate germs, but it will not prove effective in lifting dirt or other bathroom grime such as mildew. It’s best to use an all-natural cleaning solution before adding bleach into your cleaning routine.

Myth: Feather Dusters Will Remove Dust

A dusty home is a sign that your air filters are not effectively removing dirt and debris from your air supply. Before attempting to clean your home, make sure your air filter has been replaced in the last 30 days. If it has not been cleaned or updated, it’s time to do so. Leaving a dirty air filter within your HVAC network will only result in another day of dust, and another day of cleaning.

Once your air filter is fresh, it’s time to tackle your dusty interior. It is a common misconception that feather dusters will pick up dust and trap it within the brush; however, this is not the case. Feather dusters simply disperse dust, they do not remove it. Instead of spreading dust to a new location, for it to settle once again, switch out your feather duster for a microfiber or lambswool alternative. These are washable and reusable and will ensure dust is not affecting your indoor air quality.

Myth: Vinegar Can Be Used To Clean Anything

Vinegar can harm home surfaces. It is essential that you keep this highly acidic and abrasive cleaning solution away from your kitchen countertops, as it can damage your granite, marble, butcher block, or quartz. What can you use vinegar to clean? Vinegar is great for removing hard water spots, or limescale, from your plumbing fixtures! This is a great way to make your faucets look as good as new; however, be extremely careful when using vinegar. Make sure you are pouring the vinegar onto a cloth to wipe down fixtures, as spilling the solution over affected faucets will likely harm your countertops.

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