How To Make It Through The Toilet Paper Shortage

April 9, 2020

As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic spread, supermarkets turned apocalyptic. Usually stocked shelves turned into vacant aisles, as citizens started buying up essentials. Especially, one product—toilet paper.

Purchasing behaviors took a drastic turn, as the everyday buyer began stock-piling paper goods. This hoarding trend caused immense trouble for those nearing their last roll, or those following their normal shopping routines. That’s why, today, I am writing about toilet paper alternatives that won’t compromise your plumbing. So, if you are paperless, using socks, tearing up t-shirts or trying any comparable method to fill your toilet paper void, here are better ways to solve your current predicament:

Try Repurposing Paper Products

If you are paperless, try repurposing other paper goods! Toilet seat covers are flushable alternatives to toilet paper. Yes, they are significantly thinner than your typical ply; however, they will get the job done without ruining your plumbing network. If you can’t get your hands on toilet seat covers, paper towels, napkins, tissue paper, and feminine pads will meet your demand; yet, these can’t go down your drains. Although these items will achieve your goal, they are not made to breakdown in your plumbing the way toilet paper is manufactured and will cause clogged toilets. Be sure to throw paper products into your bathroom trash.

Install A Bidet

We don’t see an abundance of bidets in homes across the United States, but they are widespread in Europe, South America, and Asia as effective ways to reduce paper waste. Bidets accomplish the same goal toilet paper does and can even eliminate your need for toilet paper altogether. How do they work? With a washing mechanism, bidets spray the user clean! These are simple to DIY, if you are looking for a basic bidet, or can be installed by your local, professional plumber for more sophisticated systems.

Use Washable Towels

Okay, so I know this is not the most ideal alternative; yet, it works. If you are in a pinch and need a toilet paper replacement ASAP—grab a washable cloth. Although using washable towels require immediate washing, they are better than nothing. Remember, don’t flush these down your plumbing—you’ll require emergency plumbing repairs.

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