Dear People That Use Air Freshener

April 9, 2020

Remove the aerosol can from your bathroom now! That’s right, your air freshener is compromising your indoor air quality. Now, with the outbreak of COVID-19, you want to have healthy indoor air more than ever before. Aerosol air fresheners carry volatile organic compounds, which can cause health implications ranging from respiratory impairments to cancer. This, combined with the current state of our world, is not a risk worth taking. That’s why I am here, outlining alternative home freshening methods—you should not have to decide between having good indoor air quality and keeping a fresh home.

Here are the best air freshening alternatives that will keep your indoor air quality intact:

Pick Out An Essential Oil

All-natural essential oils are the ideal replacement for your traditional aerosol air freshener. They come in a variety of scents and won’t cause those with allergies or those with sensitivities to smell any discomfort!

Essential oils will effectively mask any lingering odors! How? Through an electric diffuser or through essential oil sticks! If you are looking for instant relief from bathroom odors, I recommend purchasing an automatic diffuser, as you can control both how long the system is on and the amount of vapor coming out of the diffuser.

On the contrary, essential oil sticks must absorb the essential oils before releasing their scent. This provides constant coverage—if you are looking for more of an all-around home perfume, this distribution method is for you—yet, it takes longer to initially release scents.

Purchase Fragrant Flowers

Flowers are nature’s remedy to lingering odors. Purchase fragrant flowers and place them in your bathroom to cover any embarrassing smells! They will efficiently rid your space of unwanted odors while adding a nice pop of color to your space! Although this solution is all-natural, those with allergies won’t find this solution ideal.

Put Out Paraben-Free Candles

While we are all stuck inside, why not take your home ambiance up a notch! Whether you live with family, friends, or a significant other, placing candles in your environment will be sure to increase relaxation! Just remember to purchase paraben-free candles to ensure you are not releasing additional volatile organic chemicals into your air. Place candles where you see fit!

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!

CJ The Plumber

For more information on indoor air quality, including air purification systems, contact Winters Home Services at 617-221-5899. We are here to serve our community and have implemented CDC regulations to ensure we are providing safe and healthy care.