Tips for Men: How to Shave Without Clogging the Drain!

December 4, 2019

If you’re like most men, you grew up watching your father (or some other significant father figure) shave every morning in the bathroom sink. When it came time for your first shave, you probably did the exact same thing – you wet shaved in the sink.

The Dangers of Wet Shaving in the Sink

Of course, some men shave in the shower, while others use an electric shaver. Then, there are plenty of men who simply prefer to wet shave in the bathroom sink, but it comes at the price of a clogged sink eventually. You may shave for some time without any issues, then one day the sink is slow to drain until it stops draining entirely.

The clog may be an easy fix, but maybe not. You may have to call in a professional plumber because the clog has been building up for some time since you’ve been shaving regularly. Is there any way you can continue shaving in the bathroom sink without having to worry about a clogged drain? The answer is “yes,” providing you follow these tips.

Shaving Without Clogging the Drain

You have probably been filling the bathroom sink with water all these years, but now it’s time to STOP engaging in this bad habit because it leads to a clogged drain. When you’re done shaving and you pull the plug, all the shaving cream, water, and hair go down the drain. Instead of filling the sink halfway with water as you usually do, fill a small bowl or a coffee cup with hot water to rinse off your razor instead.

If the water gets too dirty for your comfort level, dump it out in the bathtub and refill it with hot water from the bathtub or a different sink. Or, prepare more hot water and place it in a second mug or bowl and keep it nearby.

You do not want to rinse lather and hair down the drain because they lead to clogging. Since the lather will be in the mug or bowl with hot water, that takes care of the lather, but now you have to do something about the hair. So, what do you do about the hair?

You can line the sink with paper towels to catch the hair or place a plastic garbage bag (creating a concave) in it so it collects the hair. When you’re done shaving, clean up the mess and remember, “No hair left behind!”

Before you start shaving, remove the sink’s plug and use what is called a SinkShroom (a sink drain protector that catches hair). It gives you added protection from any loose hairs that may sneak their way down the drain.

Shave Regularly and Clean the Sink to Prevent Clogged Drains

If you shave regularly, you can probably avoid sink clogs. When you shave off less hair from your face, less hair will escape down your drain. 

Here’s a better way to clean your drain than using ineffective mixtures or harsh chemicals that damage the environment:

  1. Mix dish detergent with hot water 
  2. Pour it slowly down the drain 
  3. If necessary, use your drain auger 
  4. Do it again

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