How to Save Energy This Summer | Cambridge HVAC Services

July 6, 2018

The hot and humid summer weather in Massachusetts can cause you to run your air conditioner around the clock to stay comfortable. Unfortunately, this will result in higher energy bills. How can you stay cool without paying hundreds of dollars extra during summer?

Here Are 5 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills Without Sacrificing Your Comfort:

1. Use Your Thermostat Efficiently

Installing a programmable thermostat can help you save money. You should turn your thermostat off, or at least set the temperature to above 78 degrees Fahrenheit, when you are away. Even if you just go to the grocery store for an hour, turning off the air conditioner when you aren’t home can help reduce your energy consumption. You can then turn it back on once you get home, or turn it on remotely so you can come home to a cool environment.

2. Keep the Blinds Closed

During the evening when the sun goes down, you may be able to open your windows to let some fresh air inside. However, when the sun comes up, it is important to close your windows and doors, and to use blinds, shutters, or drapes to block the direct sunlight. This insulation can help keep your home cooler, allowing you to run the air conditioner less often.

3. Avoid Heating up Your Kitchen

Using the stove or oven can quickly heat up your home. In order to avoid excess heat, you should use your microwave as much as possible, or make cold and refreshing meals like pasta salads. Baking or using the oven regularly will cause the temperature in your home to rise, which will make your air conditioner run harder.

4. Use a Ceiling Fan Whenever Possible

Ceiling fans can help you feel cooler by producing a wind chill effect. They circulate the air, helping you feel cooler and less stuffy, which may allow you raise your thermostat by as much as 4 degrees Fahrenheit. This will help reduce your energy bills, even when the weather is brutally hot and humid. However, they don’t actually produce cool air. This means you need to turn them off when you leave the room.

5. Keep Your Air Conditioner in Good Working Condition

Proper maintenance for your air conditioner is important to reduce your energy bills. A clogged or poorly functioning air conditioner will have to work longer and harder to keep you comfortable. By providing maintenance in the spring, you can ensure the system is functioning efficiently. This will allow you to you stay cool while enjoying lower energy bills.

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