There is No Such Thing as a CHEAP Tune Up!

October 18, 2017

36 degrees this morning! The good news for dog owners is that the first frost kills ticks, for that I am happy! I am not really happy knowing a long winter is ahead!

It’s heating season again, we get a few questions at this time of year about “Tune ups” yes we offer them and I wanted to explain the differences between the offerings…

Definition of tune up: it’s a visual inspection and will really help you understand if your system needs a cleaning or the option of a maintenance plan. The fees run from $69 to $99 dollars

If you have a system that has natural gas for a fuel, you will need to look for a few things, (Just click the link for a complete list).

Do It Yourself

First, be sure your chimney is clear of debris and nests. Birds and squirrels are known to live in chimneys and occasionally they can block a chimney and create a hazardous condition with carbon monoxide.

Most chimney vented systems have a door at the base of the chimney, open the door remove any debris, and position a small mirror to look up the chimney. This needs to be done during the day, so that you are able to see light from the sky above. If you see light this is a really good sign if not call me 617-221-5899.

If your system vents directly outside, things are a bit more simple, just look at the vents and be sure there’s nothing inside or around the vents.

Public Service Announcement

Carbon monoxide detectors: simply said if you don’t have one get it today. I have listed the best selling one on Amazon with over 700 reviews!

1. If you own a detector that is over five years old replace it!

2. Place the carbon monoxide.

3. Lastly, change the batteries!

Conclusions and Options

You will see heating tune-ups offered at $69 to $99 dollars. We have a few offers in that family of plans as well. First, they are visual and do not involve any kind of cleaning or brushing down between the sections of your system. This is ideal for a system 5 years old or younger. When a client calls, we normally suggest one of these plans so that we can verify if you need a cleaning or a maintenance plan.

Three Major Heating Systems

We have three dominant systems in our area: forced hot water, forced hot air, and steam heating systems are unique to this area. Everything west of the Mississippi (which begins in Minnesota) is primarily forced hot air. Because of when Massachusetts was settled, we see a greater variety of water based heating systems than other parts of the country, which means we need to handle all these systems and offer different advice.

Forced Hot Air

These systems have aluminum heat exchangers. We will advise you to have the heat exchangers inspected annually, because there is a potential for these exchanges to crack. These systems historically leave the air within your home dry.

Steam Heating Systems

Be sure the low water cut off works, because this type of system requires water to be filled within it! At times there can be a low water condition that should shut off your heat. If the steam system runs without water, it will crack and require replacement. These systems are known to be the noisiest with clanging pipes and hissing valves.

Forced Hot Water Systems

These systems are known in our area to deliver the most even and quiet heat. Periodically these systems need to be purged to remove air from within the piping.

Maintenance plans actually save a bit of money, we charge $480.00 for a deep cleaning. It’s only needed periodically, especially if this service has not been done in some time, similar to not going to the dentist for a few years and then getting a cleaning, it’s a mess! There is a complete list of plans in the highlighted link.


We repair all major brands, boiler repair is one of our specialties. I have taken the time to send all of our technicians away for training. They train on all the latest brands, as I have listed above. If you have any questions and want to send a quick non-emergency email, click here!

But if you need us faster please call 617-221-5899.

That’s all for now! Keep your pets warm, like Martha.

Martha the dog sitting on a chair