Why Spring is the Best Time to Schedule A/C Maintenance

May 2, 2017

Spring is here and we are finally done with the harsh, cold New England winters. We’re trading in our boots and gloves for shorts and flip flops. Before getting too excited, it’s important to prepare your property for the warm months ahead.

By hiring a professional for air conditioning maintenance in the early spring, you can reverse any damage caused by the winter. Since late spring and early summer are the core times that people blast their AC, it’s best to be proactive. Additionally, a professional tune-up early on ensures a guaranteed appointment and a major sense of relief. Nothing feels better than knowing your air conditioner will be working perfectly before it gets hot out. You won’t have to worry about being uncomfortable when the humidity strikes.

Some Additional Benefits Include…

Lower Energy Bills – The more build up that accrues on your air conditioner means more costly repairs. If your machine is functioning smoothly than you don’t need to be concerned about your energy bills increasing. In fact, your heating and cooling bill will be reduced by 20% when you receive regular maintenance.

Extended Life of HVAC System – The lifespan of your HVAC system can be extended by 30-50% with a bi-annual maintenance. If you keep neglecting issues with your system, it will most likely last only 10 years as opposed to 15. Not to mention, your system performs much more smoothly with routine maintenance.

Keep Your Manufacturer Warranty – If you don’t have regular HVAC maintenance, manufacturers might just void your warranty! Make sure you change your filters every 1-3 months as well.

Avoid Doing Maintenance Yourself

It’s important that you hire a licensed HVAC technician with years of experience for air conditioning maintenance. It is your responsibility, however, to change the air filters every few months. All you need to do is remove the filter and check to see how clogged it is. If it’s difficult for the light to pass through, replace the filter.

Thoroughly examine the outdoor heat pump unit for any damage as well. During storms, branches and debris can get tangled in the filter so make sure you fully inspect the filter after wind storms. Never put anything in the condenser fins or you can damage the unit.

Keep in mind that HVAC units include carbon monoxide and high voltages so maintenance must be left to the professionals.

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