Should I Turn My AC Unit Off When I’m Not Home This Summer?

June 20, 2017

It might seem like common sense to turn your AC off before you leave the house. However, did you know that you should turn the thermostat up rather than turning off the unit? If you know you’ll be gone for the entire day, turn up the thermostat up by 7 to 10 degrees.

When you turn off the air conditioner, your home’s indoor humidity levels increase which causes an increase in both mold and bugs. The air conditioner does much more than cool your home – it dehumidifies the household. You might notice a 60% increase in mold growth as well as insect infestation – yuck!

You also need to consider how the home will feel when you return. No one likes being covered in hot, wet air especially in their own home. When the thermostat is turned up a few degrees, you’ll be nice and comfortable upon return.

One of the biggest reasons not to turn your air conditioner off is how much money you’ll save. You can save up to 10% on cooling costs in the summer. When you increase the thermostat, you’re actually decreasing the difference between the outdoor and inside temperatures. This is ultimately making the workload of the AC unit much easier.

Below are some other tips to ensure your AC system is functioning at full-capacity:

  • Keep the doors and windows shut
  • Change those filters regularly
  • Get a tune-up!
  • Keep blinds and drapes closed

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