Preventative Winter Maintenance | Cambridge Heating

August 10, 2017

Winter is just around the corner, and that means soon the days will be shorter, temperatures will drop, and we’ll start facing snow, ice, and other winter hazards. And that means homeowners around the state of Massachusetts will be firing up their heaters to stay warm and comfortable. However, is your heater ready to handle the workload up ahead?

A central heating and air conditioning system is a lot like a car: Sure it might be dependable and run well, but if you don’t maintain it, odds are it’s going to break down far faster. That means you should contact a Boston heating expert to schedule a preventative maintenance service each year before the temperatures truly start to drop. An unmaintained heater may face several issues that can impact its performance as well as place it at a much higher risk for a breakdown, leaving you out in the cold. Here are three reasons why you should make sure you have your heater serviced before the winter temperatures arrive.

Increase Effectiveness

It’s simple: a heater that is well-maintained and prepared for the long months ahead will do its job better than one which has not been maintained. In a maintenance service, your technician will clean important components such as your heating elements, air intakes, and even replace your air filter. These things may seem simple, but they can actually dramatically improve your heater’s performance over the winter months, meaning your home will stay warmer and your system won’t have to run as long in order to keep it that way.

Improves Longevity

A system that runs better also does so for longer. When a heater is properly maintained, you actually increase its lifespan, ensuring it’ll last you for many additional years. Central heating units which receive regular maintenance services have been shown to last far longer than those which don’t. Maintenance services also act as a sort-of inspection of your system, enabling your service technician to spot and solve small, emerging problems before they become big, expensive repair jobs.

Save Money

A maintenance service helps you save money. A system that lasts longer is one that gives you a much greater return on your investment, giving you extra years of life which in turn helps prevent you from having to spend thousands of dollars replacing it. Likewise, a more efficient system has to use less energy to do the job of heating your home, which saves you money. Finally, a system that doesn’t break down doesn’t need expensive major repairs, which saves you money. When you think about it, all of these savings add up to make a maintenance service well worth the cost.

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