It’s Never too Early to Prepare for the Winter

September 29, 2016

Snow on pine needlesWhile winter is a few months away, it’ll be here sooner than you know it so why not prepare ahead of time? There are several steps you can take to ensure that your home stays nice and warm during those colder months.

  1. Make sure your air return vents are not blocking air flow. Cold air returns are crucial when it comes to keeping your furnace running properly.
  1. Consider purchasing energy efficient windows as they are one of the most common ways that cold air enters the home. It’s best to update your windows in the fall so you aren’t frantically looking for a window installation professional during the dead of winter.
  1. Switch your furnace or duct air filter every so often to ensure your family doesn’t get ill during the sick season. Doing this also allows you to save energy and your furnace will run much more efficiently. Not to mention, you’ll save a bundle on your heating bill.
  1. Purchasing a new heating system is another great way to reduce your energy bill and keep your home warm. If your heater is older than ten years, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.
  1. Update your thermostat to a programmable one. This will decrease the energy use in your home and you can easily adjust the temp. in your home even when you aren’t there.
  1. You can actually increase the temperature in your home by a few degrees when you insulate your hot water pipes. Basically, you’ll find yourself with warm water on a lower setting, again, decreasing your energy bills.
  1. Tune up your heater to keep your house warm all winter. Winters® Home Services offers $79 heating inspections. We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to heating systems.

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