How to Prevent a Plumbing Mishap

September 2, 2016

At Winters® Home Services, we understand that maintaining the shower structure, drains, pipes and toilet can be tedious. However, it’s actually very important to undergo a preventative maintenance plan so that your plumbing system works efficiently.

  1. Get a Regular Inspection of the Water Heater – With regular maintenance, a water heater can last for nearly 10 years. It should be inspected once a month since it’s used every day. Adjust the dial knob to 115 degrees to prevent overheating. Regularly check the appliance’s temperature and pressure and if you don’t hear a gurgling sound, it probably means that water isn’t being released.
  1. Get Newer Fixtures – If you have a rubber hose, consider replacing it with a metallic one. More modern structures have a comprehensive plumbing system, so be aware for any signs of problems. Inspect walls and floors, and check for cracks on wooden ceilings because this could mean moisture and leaking water is trapped. It could possibly mean that there are weak construction methods but it’s still advised to replace hoses with copper and stainless steel ones.
  1. Maintain Your Sink Drain – You probably already know that the sink drain is likely to get clogged at some point. Anything from food particles to hair to random debris can cause the sink drain to slow down or completely stop working. Drain cleaning is a huge way to prevent your sink to clog up.

*Never pour fatty fluids into the sink or any leftover cooking oil.

  1. Receive Frequent Tune Ups – Have your plumbing system checked by one of Winters®’ Master Plumbers. We can easily figure out complex issues that other people may not be able to determine. A contractor can provide a few details about your plumbing system but they’ll only be able to recommend repairs. Our plumbers will find and resolve any plumbing issue.

If you have a plumbing emergency, contact Winters® Home Services at 617-221-5899. Our experienced team offers sink repairs, toilet repairs, pipe leaks, sump pumps and more.