Why Purchasing an AC Unit in the Early Spring is a Smart Move

May 17, 2016

Have you ever tried to buy rock salt after an ice storm?

It’s tough!

The same applies to buying AC in July and August!

This is Tim Flynn and I am the owner of Winters® Home Services of Boston Mass. Here are 4 reasons to buy an AC NOW.

The weather is mild, this is a “shoulder season” which means companies like mine are treading water. I am motivated! I’m motivated not to accept this anymore so I have dug deep! This is my best offer in 21 years and it’s working. Read below as to the 4 reasons to think AC now.

  1. I’m celebrating 21 years in Business and giving back to our valued clients by giving away 21 80% furnaces with the purchase of a central AC
  2. We are slower in this season because the weather is neither too hot nor too cold.
  3. We want your business!
  4. It will get hot humid and sticky, take action NOW.


Many homeowners wait until the last minute to install an AC unit, generally believing that an air conditioner will be cheaper during those peak months. However, there are plenty of advantages to getting your AC unit installed in the cooler months during the early spring.

Slower Months are Less Busy

For AC contractors, the earlier spring months are generally quieter. Because of this, there is more time to speak with a professional and purchase the right unit. Keep in mind, when contacting Winters® Home Services, we always set aside plenty of time to discuss air conditioner installations, even during our busy season!

Preseason Discounts

Coupons and discounts are typically more common in the pre-season, helping contractors to attract business. Early birds get the worm, we often offer great air conditioner deals to customers that take advantages of purchasing the unit in early spring. You’ll surely notice a significant amount of savings when installing an AC unit during the prime summer months.

Extra Time to Shop

If you already know that you have an older AC system or would simply like a newer model, you’ll have plenty of time to shop when starting early. Give yourself some time to find the exact size AC system for your home.

With an excessive amount of time to really plan and research, homeowners can save thousands on their energy bill!

Contact Winters® Home Services for a new AC system today. We are located in Boston and our techs are always ready to travel throughout Massachusetts to provide top-notch air conditioner installations and repairs. We also offer financing options and Mass Save rebates program to help homeowners save more in addition!