How Often Should I Change My Air Filter for Heating and Cooling?

May 3, 2016

One of the most common questions that Winters® Home Services receives is, “How often should I change my air filter?” Aside from doing a thorough maintenance inspection, we always encourage clients to change out their air filtration system because it impacts the performance of your HVAC system and your home’s air quality. In fact, indoor air pollution is one of the main environmental health risks. Switching out air filters is not just for city homeowners; everyone should be doing this.

Knowing when you should change air filters is actually quite easy – change them when they are dirty. Pay attention to the following:

  • Type of filter your AC unit depends on
  • Air quality in your city
  • Pets such as birds, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, etc.
  • Number of members in the household

Manufacturers encourage homeowners to change 1”-3” air filters on a bi-monthly basis, however this is not necessary in most homes. If you are noticing allergies that seem to be out of the blue, it may be beneficial to upgrade your air filter or consider installing an air purifier on top your heating and cooling system.

If you live in an open area or a vacation home, you may only need to change your air filter twice a year.

Keep in mind that homeowners with pets may need to replace their air filters more often than those that don’t have pets. Pets tend to shed and can clog the air filter. While it’s the air filter’s purpose to capture pet hair and dander, dirty filters can weaken the HVAC performance.

3 Benefits of Changing Your HVAC Air Filter

  1. Increases the longevity of your HVAC system
  2. Keeping energy costs and electricity down
  3. Better air quality

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