Why is My Air Temperature Fluctuating Between Rooms?

June 9, 2016

There are several reasons why air temperatures fluctuate in the home, ranging from quite obvious to ambiguous. Leaving the door open for a little while will surely affect the home’s temperature, but there are actually many other factors. Your air temperature usually fluctuates between rooms because of the location of your thermostat, a draft coming through the doors, blocked vents, or an issue with your chimney flue’s ventilation process.

If you are reading this and have concerns on air conditioning–

First -room temperature will vary, especially if you have one single supply vent to a room. To assure the most even heating or cooling a supply and return will need to be in each room. One vent delivers cooler air and the other removes the air to deliver proper circulation and better temperature control.

The location of your thermostat–

This plays a vital role in older homes. Most likely the thermostat is located on the first floor while the bedrooms are on the second floor. This will result in the first floor being warmer/satisfied while the second floor is much cooler.

Draft coming through the doors–

If a certain area of your home is hot or cold, you should always look to the doors or windows. Even if they are closed, there could be issues with the settling of the house or there could be physical damage in certain areas. This damage could cause gaps around the perimeter of the fixture causing temperatures to fluctuate.

Even the smallest gap can cause serious amount of cold air to seep into the home. The exterior will accumulate near the window and create fluctuating air.

Blocked interior vents –

When furniture is improperly placed in the room, it can block air flow of wall events and create fluctuation in the air’s temperature nearby. This will block the air flow and create a different climate in the home. It’s essential to keep the areas clear so the heated air can capture the entire space. Always make sure a rug is away from the floor vent!

Chimney flue issues–

The chimney flue is designed to draw smoke through the flue and then out to the atmosphere. When the flue is left open, the chimney will still do its job and draw the heat out of your home and up the chimney! So don’t forget to close the flue when the fire is out.

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