How You Can Benefit from a Properly Maintained AC Unit

July 12, 2016

AC unitIn order for your air conditioner to work efficiently, the coils, filters and fins must undergo routine maintenance. While this often falls by the wayside, many homeowners are not realizing that the air conditioner will slowly decline until it suddenly stops working. Let’s take a look at how proper maintenance will help extend the life of your air conditioner.

Cleaning Your Air Conditioner Filter

Cleaning or replacing your air conditioner filter is one of the most crucial tasks to ensure your AC unit remains intact. If the air conditioner is clogged or there are dirty filters, normal airflow will be blocked which leads to a reduction of the system’s efficiency. According to, you can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption up to 15% just by replacing your filter.

There is a wide-variety of filters available and some are reusable while others must be replaced. During the cooling season, we advise cleaning your filter every two months. If you are constantly using your AC, make sure to regularly clean your system.

Cleaning Your Air Conditioner Coils & Fins

Over time, your air conditioner’s evaporator and condenser coils will get dirty. By cleaning the filter, you can prevent the coil from collecting dirt; the coil cannot absorb heat if its dirty because dirt reduces airflow. Potential sources of dirt include dryer vents, falling leaves, and debris from lawn mowers.

Aluminum fins are located on evaporator and condenser coils and they easily bend which leads to an airflow blockage. A “fin comb” allows you to comb the fins back so air flow is not blocked.

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