8 Warnings Your Heating System Gives that You should NEVER ignore

February 26, 2016

There are certain warnings that your heating system gives you to let you know that something bad is about to happen. We have listed 8 major and common ones that homeowners should be aware of and take immediate action as soon as they see and hear one of these troubles.

1. “My kids’ rooms are colder than the rest of the house!”

If certain rooms in your house don’t have heat, there are three reasons that may have caused it.

  • Not enough water pressure in the system
  • Faulty water circulation
  • Faulty air circulation

Whether it’s your room or the kids’ room, this issue should be looked at immediately. Call us and mention “NoHeatInSomeRooms” and get $30 off the service.

2. “Front of my boiler has soot on it”

Heating System

Your boiler looks like it’s been burnt. This could be triggered by the following reasons:

  • Blocked heating system
  • Blocked vent
  • Blocked chimney

If it’s due to any of the reasons above, it will do great damage to your boiler so you should call and schedule a service appointment immediately. Call today and mention “SootBoiler” and get $100 off the service!

3. You have dirt and particles on top of your boiler

Your boiler should never ever have any debris on top, this issue could be triggered by not having enough combustion air.

Call us and have our technician take a look, mention “DirtOnMYBoiler” and get a FREE service call today.

4. When I turn my furnace on, it sounds like rocks in the fan!”

Your furnace should not be making noises like rocks in the fan. This could be caused by several factors:

  • Your fan motor is about to fail
  • Plugged filters
  • Restriction in vent
  • Poor air flow

Besides the unpleasant noise, this is going to damage your furnace, so don’t wait and have a heating expert take a look at your system. Call us and mention “Sounds like Rocks” and get $250 off the service today!

5. If you see rust on top of your heating system (and your water heater)

Heating System Heating System

Homeowners, this is a serious sign! For heating systems, this could indicate a potential carbon monoxide leak. This serious issues can be indicating several troubles:

  • Poor chimney venting
  • Possible carbon monoxide build up
  • Not enough clean air in the system

If you see this happening to your heating system, you need to immediately call for a service and get it fixed as soon as possible! Call us and get $107 off with no dispatch fees, be sure to mention “Rust on my heating system” to get the coupon!

6. Do you see water on the floor near your heating system?

Heating System

If you see water on the floor near your heating system, it could be caused by one of following issues:

  • Faulty safety system
  • Faulty fresh water feed
  • Temperature on your system is too high

Your heating system should not be leaking water, if you see this happening, call us immediately before it’s too late. Call and mention “WaterOnTheFloor” to get $117 off the service today!

7. “My heating system is making a metal grinding vibration and noise in the pipes”

Your heating system should be silent, so when you hear metal to metal banging noise in the pipes, this could indicate a bad circulator. Not only is this noise causing you and your family discomfort, but it’s also doing a good amount of damage on your heating system as well. Call us to get it fixed with $150 off today by mentioning “MetalGrindingNoise”

8. “My heating system is making a gurgling noise like a babbling brook”

Your heating should be silent, so when you hear a gurgling noise like a babbling brook (although it can sound relaxing), this could lead to serious disasters! This could be caused by several reasons:

  • Air in the system
  • System running inefficiently
  • Not enough water in the system
  • Lack of maintenance

To give you an idea of the seriousness of this gurgling noise in the heating system, one of our customers had her attic flooded last time she heard that noise and waited awhile to call. Don’t make that mistake and call us immediately for a heating service. Call today and we’ll take $117 off, be sure to mention “GurgglingHeatingSystem” to take advantage of the offer.