Are there AC Maintenance Tasks I Can Do on My Own?

August 19, 2016

AC unitThere are actually a few tasks that you can complete to help your air conditioner’s functionality, however, if you want your AC unit to run as long as possible it’s best to leave maintenance to the professionals. Only an HVAC technicians can provide a thorough inspection, cleaning and service.

Switch Your Air Filter

During the annual maintenance visit, the HVAC tech will change the air filter but you should absolutely change it several other times. In fact, change your air filter 1-3 months. Ask a member at Winters® how to do this if you are unsure!

Make Sure Your Condenser is Intact

It’s imperative that your outdoor condenser has plenty of space for the fan and coil to release heat. Ideally you should have at least one foot of clear space around the cabinet. Make sure to remove debris or plant life if it’s around the condenser.

Be Mindful of Your Vents

Room vents should not be shut and if they’re near the floor, keep furniture away! You may think that energy is being saved when vents are closed but it actually increases the air pressure and causes leaks.

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