6 Reasons Why You Should Get A Heating System Coverage Plan

October 5, 2015

Think about this for a moment. On average, you drive your car to work daily, which means that you will spend 1420 hours driving your car, most of the time it’s parked! However, you will spend at least about $600.00 maintaining it, when it breaks down, it’s major bucks!

Your heating system will run for seven months and will work 4200 hours this year, and it will break down. Many homeowners have an assumption that a simple tune up will serve as a preventative to a no-heat disaster, ensuring that the furnace will work for another 4200 hours.

There are six fundamentals why homeowners should protect and cover their home and heating system with a heating plan through a HVAC provider they can rely on.

1. A typical no-heat emergency repair is anywhere from $600-$1000!

Over the past twenty years, we’ve seen so many no-heat emergencies costly repairs. An average no-heat emergencies repair range from $600-$1000.

2. Slow response – no heat for days!

The worst part is waking up with no heat, start calling around and trying to find a HVAC contractor who can fix the issue as soon as possible. We hate to break it to you but sometimes, it does take a while for no-heat emergencies to be fixed – even days! There are so many emergencies that HVAC contractors have to rush to, trying to help everybody. Some companies aren’t even open on cold days. Homeowners are then stuck with no heat for days.

3. Call backs and untrained professionals

Another nightmare is thinking that your system has been fixed after spending hundreds of dollars, then realize that the problem hasn’t been truly fixed. We have seen a lot of situations where homeowners called for a company that has untrained technicians with not enough knowledge and experience, and not being able to truly take care of the problems. That is why we constantly put our technicians through training to strengthen their knowledge and expertise. There is nothing worse than putting trust in a company/technician and not having the issue fully resolved.

4. Being one in a million

Many HVAC companies offer various plans to ensure homeowners’ heating systems. The problem is that they are trying to push and sell the plan so hard and forgot that there should be a limited amount of members in order to service them all. That is why we limit a certain amount of members per plan, as we wish to ensure that every member has his/her needs met. If customers have to pay extra to be VIP, they deserved to be treated like a VIP.

5. Dispatch fees just to come out

Another frustration for homeowners with no-heat emergencies are paying the hefty dispatch fees. It is completely reasonable for HVAC contractors to charge a dispatch fees during cold days when everyone has emergency needs. That is why homeowners should sign up for a plan that waives all dispatch fees.

6. Not having Mechanical Parts covered

It is extremely important to ensure that the mechanical parts of the heating system and the labor of work are covered. A lot of homeowners assume that the system’s mechanical parts are covered by the manufacturer. Even so, the labor of the work comes with a hefty price. Homeowners are better off with a plan that ensures all mechanical parts are covered, along with the labor on the repairs. That is what a heating system plan should include.

At Winters® Home Services, we ensure that our customers have the best experience with their heating system coverage plan. That is why we launched a special membership – “Bundle Up Plan”. This plan guarantees its members from going through all the disasters mentioned above:

  • All mechanical parts covered, along with the labor of fixtures.
  • Response within three hours, not three days.
  • Trained technicians that fully resolve the issues.
  • Limited memberships, ensuring all members are fully covered and satisfied.
  • No dispatch fees ever.