7 Perfect Drain Hacks for Thanksgiving

November 17, 2015

1. List of Don’ts

  • DO NOT put corn husks, celery stalks, artichokes and fibrous materials down the disposal.
  • DO NOT put too many potato peels down.
  • DO NOT put too many coffee grounds into the disposal, they can accumulate in drains and pipes.
  • DO NOT put harsh chemicals like bleach or drain cleaners, they can damage blades and pipes.
  • DO NOT put grease, oil and fat down the disposal – they will accumulate and clog drains.

2. List of Do’s

  • Always use cold water on full blast when running the disposal.
  • Cut large items into smaller pieces.
  • Use ice cubes to sharpen your disposal blades.

3. Baking Soda and Vinegar Trick

Clean your disposal with this simple hack:

  • Run the disposal thoroughly with cold water. Pour 1-2 cups of ice cubes and ½ cup of baking soda
  • Pour ½ (118 ml) of vinegar down the drain

4. Reset your disposal may solve the problems

  • If your disposal isn’t working, check the electrical breaker and see if it’s on.
  • If it is on, and the unit isn’t working, press the reset red button.

5. Wire Coat Hanger Snake

Use a wire coat hanger with a small bend at the end to snake your drain. Be careful not to damage the drain and pipes.

6. Keep That Lemon Handy

Lemons help deodorize your disposal. Simply cut it in half and put into the disposal. Make sure the seeds are out. You can also use the peelings into the disposal.

7. Lemon + Ice + Vinegar = Your Disposal’s BFF

  • Cut the lemon peels into small pieces
  • Place them into your ice cubes tray
  • Pour vinegar and fill it up
  • Store in the freezer
  • When ready, put these special ice cubes down and your disposal will be sharpened, deodorized and happy.