Two Clogged Drain Signs that could Lead to a Major Sewer Repair

June 26, 2015

Sewer lines are responsible for the transportation of wastewater from the home to the underground sewer system. This is a major component of a functioning home plumbing system, and if something goes wrong, it could be a big job to fix. That is why regular maintenance is extremely important. A simple clog could be an indication of a major sewer line clog, which could lead to an expensive repair or replacement.

Winters® Home Services urges homeowners to respond quickly to signs that their home’s sewer system is clogged to potentially avoid serious problems. Below are two of the most common signs that you should not ignore:

  1. Clogged toilet or drain with water backing up – If there’s water constantly backing up out of a drain or toilet, you should definitely have the main line looked at after you’ve unclogged it. If the clog is in the main line, running water will cause problems. For example, you could have a bathroom sink that backs up into the bathtub, yet you can flush the toilet without a problem. This is a sign that a large bill for a main sewer repair may be on its way.
  2. Tree roots on older properties – If you live in an older home that is more than 40 years old, keep an eye on your clogged drains. Older homes often have older trees that dig their ways into the sewer to find water. It only gets worse from here since the roots will grow. This is also the most common cause of major sewer repairs. However, even if your home is relatively new, the plumbing could be connected to older pipes. Don’t ignore bubbling noises from toilet, or the slower drains. Always have a professional inspect the main line to diagnose any potential problems.

If you have a clogged drain, tub or toilet, chances are you need to unclog it first. Winters® Home Services offers a drain clearing service. If needed, our drain specialist will run a camera through the main drain to inspect the sewer line. If there is a bigger issue, our drain specialist always works with homeowners to provide multiple ways to resolve the issue. The bottom line is, we want to eliminate the problem for good and not just put a band-aid over it!

Our Boston plumbers offer $29 estimates. Contact Winters® Home Services today! Emergency services available.