Follow These Golden Rules to Increase the Energy Efficiency of your AC

By Winters Home Services

Unless you live in Alaska, air conditioning is one of the largest energy expenses for a typical U.S. home. This is why it’s so important to know how to keep your system energy-efficient.

We’ve compiled a list with four golden rules to help you increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioner.

1. Change the Filter – We can stress how important it is to change the filter on your air conditioner! A dirty filter blocks airflow and causes the system to run longer than it normally would with a clean filter. We strongly recommend homeowners change the filter at least twice a year.

2. Are your “Ducts” in a Row? – If your air conditioning system is no
producing enough cold air, there might be a leak in the duct. Duct leakage takes 20 to 40 percent of energy out of a functioning air conditioner. If your duct work is outside and exposed, make sure they’re well insulated.

3. Clean the Coils – The evaporator coil sits in the air stream of your air conditioner and the air that cools your home travels through this coil. If this coil is dirty, it will diminish the efficiency and trick you into thinking you need a new system. Not to mention, when the coil is dirty the condensation it produces creates a perfect home for mold and mildew, lowering airflow and indoor air quality.

4. Don’t Ignore an Outdoor Condenser Unit – Keep the outdoor unit clean and clear of debris. Follow the steps for a basic cleaning on AC condenser unit here. However, a more thorough, in-depth cleaning should be done by a professional air conditioning repair service in Eastern Mass.

These tips will not only ensure the energy efficiency of your system, but its health as well. Here at Winters® Home Services, we have a saying, “If you are good to your system, it will be good to you.” Maintaining your air conditioner using our helpful tips will also ensure its efficiency, as well as its lifespan.

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