8 Rules When Choosing a Toilet

August 27, 2015

Toilets don’t break easily, some even last for decades. The average person uses a toilet 2,500 times a year, or six to eight times daily, therefore, you want to make sure that it provides you comfort. Finding a toilet is like finding the perfect shoes, if it isn’t the right fit, you won’t be happy, especially if you use it 2,500 times a year.

Keep in mind that a toilet that cost $100 versus a toilet that cost $1,000 will have differences in durability, design, quality and style. A standard toilet usually has 15-inch rim height, but many toilets today are now available in 17-inch rim heights, providing more comfort.

Whether you end up buying a $100 or $1,000 toilet, there are 8 rules you should consider while trying to find the perfect toilet for you.

No. 1: Comfortable size

Nothing is worse than sitting on a toilet that is too small. Consider an elongated toilet; they’re about 2 inches deeper than a standard one and come with an over-sized seat, making them much more comfortable.

No.2: Elevated Height

If you struggle while lowering and raising yourself, an elevated toilet is a must. It is usually two to four inches higher than a standard toilet.

No.3: Cleanability

A one-piece toilet, with an integral tank and bowl, usually takes less effort to clean because they don’t have a seam. Also, a smooth-sided bowl is another great choice.

No.4: Flushability

If you want a quiet flush, a gravity-fed toilet offers a quiet flushing system. Try to find one with a fully glazed and straighter trapway, this will reduce friction and staining, and prevent clogging.

No. 5: Insulated Water Tank

Have you ever seen “sweat” on the outside of the tank? To prevent a build-up of moisture, which is a breeding ground for mold and mildew, consider a toilet with an insulated water tank. This prevents condensation by keeping the cold water inside.

No. 6: Lids Slamming

A soft closing toilet seat will prevent lids from slamming. Some toilets are designed with a slow-moving hinge that gradually lowers both the seat and lid. Ladies, this is a necessary feature for your true “love”.

No. 7: Save Water

If you’re interested in conversing water and reducing your water bill, manufacturers offer toilets with dual-flush technology, which can save a four-person family at least $2,100 a year.

No.8: Rough-in

The distance from the wall to the middle of the flange bolts (which hold down the toilet) will narrow your toilet options. Be sure to measure the rough-in your existing toilet has.

Use this guide when choosing the perfect toilet. We’ve installed hundreds of toilets and know what fits people’s needs. We will do whatever is needed to help you find “the one”.

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