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Trane HVAC

Trane Comfort Specialist

Trane is a reputable heating and cooling brand that has been in the industry for over 120 years. Winters® Home Services has been servicing, installing and maintaining Trane heating and cooling products for over twenty years. Our Trane Comfort Specialists have professional skillsets and knowledge to assist you with all residential Trane products.

Trane Air Conditioners

The benefit of owning a Trane central air conditioning unit is that it’s backed with a Trane warranty, guaranteeing a cooler, more comfortable home year round. Trane offers a diverse option choice for homeowners. Trane offers air conditioners with the lowest efficiency rating SEER of 13%, and highest up to 21%.

Some of Trane’s top models offer the TruComfortSM technology, which allows the compressor, outdoor fan, and indirect fan to vary operating speed as the temperature outside changes.

Trane Furnaces

Trane covers variable-speed, single or two-stage heating gas furnace. We always recommend homeowners to consider having a furnace with higher AFUE (heating efficiency). Trane’s most efficient gas furnace offers a 96% AFUE with the most efficient VorticaSM II blower, which is the most efficient in the industry.

Trane Heat Pumps

Trane also offers ductless systems, also known as heat pumps. These units offer both cooling and heating packed into one unit with efficient operation. Heat pumps pull from the ground or outside air temperature to both heat and cool your home.

If your Trane heating and cooling system needs a repair, maintenance or a replacement, call (617) 977-3101 to schedule service today with Winters® Home Services so you and your family can stay comfortable all year long.

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