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Runtal HVAC

Winters Home Services proudly offers renowned Runtal radiators to the Greater Boston Area. Invented in the 1950’s, Runtal has been producing innovative products around the world for over 50 years. With state-of-the-art manufacturing, Runtal has quickly become the world leader in radiator technology and specialty design.

Residential Radiators

Runtal’s residential radiators are made to operate as part of a closed-loop, hydronic heating system. The radiators heat by circulating hot water from a boiler through hollow, flat tubes. This flattened steel tube design provides maximum radiant comfort on a space-saving design. These residential radiators can be found in a few different types such as baseboards, wall panels, vertical panels, curved panels, and columns.

Commercial Radiators

Runtal’s commercial radiators are engineered for comfort, style, energy efficiency, versatility, and durability. Their broad radiating surface areas reduce energy consumption by providing soft, radiant comfort at lower thermostat settings. These radiators offer style and design flexibility, while also providing rugged durability. Runtal offers a sleek, slim 2” profile in a variety of sizes, colors, and models, and their rugged all-welded steel construction ensures a long life at peak operating efficiency.

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