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Olsen/Airco HVAC

Olsen/Airco is one of the most successful manufacturers when it comes to oil and gas furnaces as well as central air conditioners. Olsen/Airco has been around for over 60 years supplying American families with quality HVAC products. With a variety of oil furnaces and air conditioners available from the brand, it is no surprise that Winters Home Services has installed so many of their HVAC products.

Olsen/Airco Oil Furnaces

Olsen/Airco furnaces are equipped with Energy Star compliance and speed motor capabilities up to 85% AFUE. What this means is that it lowers costs for its customers, making it easy on your pocket. With easy installation and multiple cooling features it is a coveted option when seeking an oil furnace. Oil furnace models include the lowboy, highboy and multi-position.

Other features of Olsen/Airco Oil Furnaces include:

  • Quiet operating
  • Superior heat exchange design
  • Sidewall venting for specific models
  • Radiator style – wrap around allows for easy access to ventilation
  • Insulation and burner – aluminum foil for cooling technique, and a burner with factory assembled wired and tested fuel controls
  • Blower assembly- allows for easy removal for servicing

Olsen/Airco Central Air Conditioners

Olsen/Airco central air conditioners are one of the most efficient central air systems of its kind. Their central air systems have been engineered to meet high standards of quality, and comfort, for the average home or business.

Features include:

  • High-performance scroll compressor
  • In line filter dryer meant for longer usability
  • Three bladed fan with a framed sound control top
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant

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