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Lennox HVAC

Lennox has been offering premier and quality heating and cooling products for over 100 years. The company specializes in highly efficient HVAC products with high ratings and satisfaction. Winters® Home Services has been specializing in Lennox heating and cooling repairs, maintenance and installations for over 20 years.

Lennox Air Conditioner

Lennox offers three series on central air conditioner MeritTM, EliteTM and Dave Lennox SignatureTM collection. With Lennox high standards, each level is energy efficient and durable. However, the highest series Dave Lennox Signature collection have the advanced ability to modify cooling based on the climate in your area. Each Lennox central air conditioner is modified with its SilentControlTM technology, providing an extremely quiet operation.

The lowest SEER efficiency rating Lennox offers for central air conditioners is 13, while the highest SEER efficiency rating can be up to 26. Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) is the number that represents the ratio between energy input and cooling accomplished. The higher the SEER is, the more energy efficient the system is.

Lennox Furnace

Paralleled to the air conditioners, Lennox furnaces also come in three series of MeritTM, EliteTM and Dave Lennox SignatureTMcollection. Lennox advanced innovations like the Precise ComfortTM technology help their furnaces keep temperatures perfectly consistent, even on the coldest days.

The lowest AFUE energy rating Lennox offers for furnaces starts at 80, ranging up to 98.7. Winters® Home Services recommend homeowners to select systems with higher annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). This number is the proportion of input energy that gets transformed into thermal energy for the house. The higher the AFUE is, the more efficient the system is, and the more you’ll save on your heating bills per year.

Lennox Heat Pump

Similar to the furnaces and central air conditioners, Lennox offers heat pumps, also known as ductless mini split systems. Heat pumps are very efficient systems that pump warm air into the house during the cold weather, and cold air during the warm weather. These are very useful for those homes that wish to heat certain areas of the home instead of the entire house. Homeowners that have boilers and no ductwork can also consider ductless system as an alternative for their air conditioning needs.

Looking for Lennox HVAC system or need your Lennox system repaired and maintained? Winters® Home Services is a proud and qualified company that specializes in all Lennox products. 

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